How to style your workwear?

How to style your workwear?

If you work wear needs a re-fresh unscripted has it all!

Or are you heading to sixth form/ university? we've got the looks to kit you out for a stylish day.


The key is to invest in a pant that's going to tie all your tops together. Just like out black pleated high waisted. The sweet heart cut on them at the top gives a gorgeous illusion of a snatched waist as well as finishing off any look with the perfect cut. 

So now you've got your black pants as a staple, invest in some printed blouses. Just like out zebra blouse it adds style and dimension to your look. Or take it a classy look & go for the cream satin blouse- the cut of this is incredible! It takes an expensive look but an affordable price tag. If you're likely to spill your brew down you, just like me then avoid the cream and head for our plisse fabric blouse hides a multiple of sins this blouse.

If long sleeve isn't what you need to opt for the staple black pants will also go with our tie knot blouse. This draws in at the bust giving a fab cut especially if you're fuller bustier but has a floaty shorter sleeve. Take a look at that blouse here


So now you've got endless ways to wear the staple black pants with all these shirts & blouses. Try our nude cigarette trousers. This comes with the belt allowing the look to be complete when purchased. Exactly the same concept as the black pants switch out all your blouses with these staple pants. Endless amounts of ways to wear different looks with when you have a base on the bottom.


Not sure what footwear to go for, these pants work well with pretty much any style of shoes:





The key to go for is a pointed toe for a finished off look. 


Top tips to take away:

Invest in a statement bottom for endless ways to wear.

Pointed shoes work well with tapered trousers

Prints elevate any look for a more stylish look.


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