Ok, with all this madness happening I still can't believe this is real we need to remain positive. 


Here's my 10 top tips to stay motivated, proactive and positive;

1. Always get ready in the morning. Seems a simple task but it is so easy to stay in your comfy clothes/ PJ's and you will feel less motivated about the day.

2. Another simple task to do is work at a desk/ table and chair. I know i'm guilty of bringing my laptop to the sofa but then I end up slouching; next minute a 3 hour nap has happened. Refrain from the sofa!

3. Make sure you're giving yourself a dinner break and little breaks in between, don't over work. It's important to take yourself away from a task and come back with a fresh mind. I like to online shop in my breaks its a task I can focus on myself looking for clothes I know will make me feel empowered. Why not try it?

4. Reading, some people already do this but taking time away from reading emails etc will allow your brain to focus on some different energy for the day; like reading our blog posts! Where you can find useful tips, tricks and trends in the fashion industry. 

5. Eating healthy, making you feel revitalised everyday so you always wake up with a spring in your step. Why not find some cool healthy snack ideas seen as we have the time you used to commute to work and prepare some for throughout the day.

6. Check unscripted's instagram everyday we always post positive quotes and style tips. --> or at the moment check to see the progress of our new shop. 

7. To keep motivated assign daily tasks to do at certain times. At the end of the day pop youtube on for a yoga session to relax and unwind. 

8. It's hard to not let pressure get the better of us in the situation so don't forget to reward yourself. At the end of the day look back at what you've achieved. Working from home is harder than you think but reviewing your success will help you keep proactive in this situation.

9. Spread the love!! Your positive day could be someone else's down day, send a text to at least 3 people today to remind them you're thinking of them and offer any help if needed. In our everyday lives we forget to check in with people we care about, so now more than ever is a time to invest time in to this. 

10. ASK FOR HELP. Don't multitask do what you can do and if you can't delegate tasks within the house to help each other at during this isolation. It's vital to support each other. Now don't be afraid. 

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