This year the events are back on! 

I'm thrilled to be seeing life resume back to normal, wedding season back on and every one just enjoying themselves.

It's like 2 years of events is now happening in one year. So its never been more pressure to find a perfect outfit:

Unscripted top tips for the must have occasion wear to help you out:


-Go for a wrap style dress. If there's one thing we can't keep in stock is the wrap style dresses. They work for most body shapes as you wrap this and tie it were it fits your body best. This mean it has more give if you have a fuller bust or less of a bust you can tie it tighter so there's no gapping. It's a WIN win! Checkout our wrap dresses:  https://unscripteduk.co.uk/collections/dresses


-Events can be a long day especially in those heels so our top tip for footwear is go for a block heel. It definitely makes a difference from a stiletto type of heel. Or a low heel just like this one. It adds elevation without your foot being in a bend too much making it a longer lasting comfort for the day. https://unscripteduk.co.uk/products/nude-strappy-heels


-Next tip has to be about accessories. If you've gone for a printed Dress a simple bracelet and stud earring is all you need. If you've got a block colour in a dress then add a necklace or an earring. But never both. Remember less is more. 


& finally go enjoy your events in comfort & style!!

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