The comeback of cardigans

The comeback of cardigans

Its time to think about knitwear and as this season unscripted has brought you already the most incredible knitwear pieces we've also bought you cardigans. FOR REAL.

I'm talking about the ones your nana wears or the librarian you see. They're a trend this season as seen on the runway with Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada and Christopher Kane and also worn by celebrities like Rihanna this just immediately rings alarm bells that it is now COOL.

Lets just think of the pros about a cardigan:

-A cosy outerwear you can snuggle with/ use as a blanket

-A great transitional piece when it can be layered on top for the warmish days.

-You don't have to struggle getting over that high pony look you created and wiping all your makeup over a jumper.

-A knit just screams winter fashion.

The cardigan is best worn oversized, giving it the ultimate ahhh factor when you cuddle in to it putting it on.

TOP TIP: You know unscripted loves to give you a style tip right- well what if we can say the cardigan can be a sexy look? listen I know you instantly don't believe us because all you can picture is your nana in a knit cardigan handing out the biscuit tin at family events but if you pair a knit cardigan over a lace bodysuit and pu leather pants/skirt it will create an irresistible look even drape one side of the cardigan off the shoulder. Outfit - complete!

Take a look at some of the cardigans we have on offer:



Now we've updated you on the trend of the season you can trust us to style you up more. All these pieces are available to purchase online now!

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