Transitional seasons- what to wear?

Transitional seasons- what to wear?

August is here! And September is creeping right around the corner – let’s talk transition!

Transitional wardrobe staples that are perfect to carry through from the peak of the
summer season to that early crisp autumn weather. Some of you might be sat wondering which autumn woollies to pull out ready, but there’s also plenty of us getting ready to jet off into the sky and soak up that last bit of sun. What if I told you that you can get the best of
both worlds, by investing in some key pieces & dipping into a few of the seasonal trends
that are certain to make a return in each upcoming season!
1. The Trench

It’s seen us through A/W 22, S/S 23 and not surprisingly
it’s back again for the current season! The perfect
lightweight option, not too heavy for
summer - but ideal for layering when the colder
weather starts to hit. A trench coat is a timeless
piece, so is the perfect outerwear layer to invest in for
this in-between-season weather. Opt for a classic
beige, or why not pick out a sage green – a colour
which again, is most definitely following through
from summer into our autumn colour pallete.

2. The Mac

This outerwear essential has just landed at Unscripted but has been a
firm favourite for many years! With a hood & waterproof element,
the mac is great for those drizzly days (which we all know we get quite
a few of in the UK!). If the sun pops out too – it’s an option that isn’t
too hot, but at the same time is easily layered with a jumper or shirt

3. The Shirt

We’re certain that you’ve all heard of or even own of these – but are you
aware of the many ways you can style it, for that multipurpose use?
Let’s start off with summer! A cheesecloth shirt has been our number one
best seller so far this year, and with its diversity of uses we definitely know
why! A shirt is the perfect piece to take away on holiday – if there’s one
thing you need to fit into your suitcase, then it’s definitely this. Why not opt
for buttoned up, tucked into your favourite pair of jeans or shorts (or will
you venture into the denim midi-skirt trend for this season?), rolling back
the sleeves for a more effortless casual, feel. Or undo the
buttons, pop a basic top/bodysuit under, leaving it open &
floaty to add another layer of detail & luxury. Need a cover up
for the pool – you’re covered!
Moving on into autumn, the uses for a shirt doesn’t just stop
there. We’re all about layering here at Unscripted, which a
staple shirt will give you that endless opportunity. People often ask us how
they can smarten up pieces like a sweatshirt, and our number one tip for
the cooler weather is to pop a shirt under, and add a pair of jeans, leggings

or a PU legging. Enjoy wearing more of a knitted jumper? – the same applies here too.
4. The Blazer

An ultimate classic! So many people stick to wearing their blazer for a
smart, more luxury occasion – but what if we told you that for this
Summer and Autumn, you can really get your use out of it & wear it for
both luxury and casual? The more common ways of wearing, for example
over the top of a maxi or midi dress, or paired with straight leg suit pants,
are obviously still in the season’s styling forecasts. But don’t forget to
also set with your favourite pair of shorts in summer, and then
your favourite jeans when it’s getting a bit cooler. Coming up
to Autumn, blazers are perfect add on top of a classic hoodie,
a way to toughen up that smartness – why not pair with a
trainer too? Blazers are an essential investment to bring from

the daytime right into the evening.

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