Trends to kick off the year:

Trends to kick off the year:

Trends To Kick Off The New Year
New year - means new wardrobe! For the fashion-minded people of the world,
the new year brings the same question: What can I add to my wardrobe to pair
to the upcoming styles and trends? The best 2024 fashion trends are already
taking shape, thanks to the spring runway shows and some red-carpet styles –
but let’s simplify and narrow that down for you all.

1. Girl core – A hint of Ultra-feminism!
Femininity was definitely laced into a lot of the 2023 fashion trends, and right
now, everything is covered in bows, hair bows being the most admired. We’re
sure that they’re going to get even more popular as 2024 fashion trends take
shape; rosettes, ribbons, and ruffles were spotted on the spring runways,
meaning we’re in for another year of feminine, girlish fashion. Expect to see
even more variations of ribbons and bows on dresses, tops and accessories this
year. The delicate and elegant addition creates a timeless romantic aspect that
can be worn to weddings, date nights, and even night out.



2. Prep School
Many brands’ Spring
Runways, including Miu

Miu’s, featured models exploring a preppy, athletic style. In the new year,
we’re expecting a play with a relaxed, moneyed aesthetic by
incorporating buttoned embellished pieces, polo shirts, blazers, and

3. Quiet Luxury

Coinciding with the preppy
aesthetic is quiet luxury, which is all
about wearing pieces that look and feel expensive to you,
but realistically haven’t cost you the moon and earth. You can definitely find
some timeless pieces out there that are a longevity investment If you’re

struggling to envision this, picture higher quality thick fabrics and a simple
tailored stance, as opposed to blingy branding. The idea of having a capsule
wardrobe that is filled elevated basics, allows you to mix-and-match for a
number of different outfit combinations – really getting the most out of your
wardrobe as well as keeping in-trend. Also referred to as “old money style,”
you can also dive into this 2024 fashion trend with accessories like bags,
jewellery, and shoes, which perfectly occupy this trend and enhance your



4. Sequins

Another repeated theme
on the 2024 runways has
been a rotation of
metallics and

shine—especially sequins. Some might think
they’re relegated to only New Years and festive
celebrations, but don’t be afraid to show up in
2024 in this transferrable look, whether that be
for the office or the dance floor!



5. Sheer Layering
Indicated on the runway by Major Fashion brands such as Dior, Proenza
Schouler and also among many other collections, expect sheer clothing to
continue its reign in the retail world. Don’t be afraid of this fabric – make
sure to layer to ensure practicality and luxury.



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