What outerwear is on trend this season?

What outerwear is on trend this season?

Seasonal Outerwear:
Autumn is here, and so is your complete guide to buying the perfect piece for your wardrobe (or
two, or three – you can never have enough coats and jackets!) A jacket is essential for those couple
of transitioning weeks, where it’s a little too warm still for a thick jacket, but we still need an extra
layer on to combat those September winds. Let’s take a look at some lighter jacket styles:
1) Mac

This was a huge hit in S/S and is most definitely going to continue into A/W with the same love!
Lightweight, but also protective from those unexpected rain showers. Shop our mac in the ever-
returning popular shade of khaki green.
2) Bomber Jacket



This has entered the trends of the fashion world once again and its versatility is what makes it so
popular! For autumn especially, why not dip into the denim trend and go for a denim bomber or opt
for a classic black utility style. These bomber jackets are perfect to pair with your jeans, leggings or
even a flare – don’t be afraid to toughen up an outfit with one of these jackers. And did we mention,
they’re the perfect transitional thickness!

3) Trench

A trench coat = a timeless classic! We will never stop talking about how perfect these coats are for
each and every season. Year on year, these lightweight but buildable jackets return back to the
catwalk, and in turn back to your wardrobe! Got a cosy casual sweatshirt outfit on? Add a trench on
top to mix that athletic vibe with a dressier outer layer. Or stick with the same style and add your
trench on top of a shirt and pair of jeans. Grab your Burberry dupe now – don’t be afraid to try a
block colour, just like our sage green trench.
4) Gilet

Last year these were super popular! And they’re back again – so those of you who have them tucked
away, make sure to return them to your wardrobe. Perfect to chuck on top of a tracksuit, or pair
with some jeans and a hoodie; they are definitely an autumn essential, long length or short!

When it hits late October/ November time, we most definitely need to level up in terms of thickness!
Let’s take a look at some cosier options for the colder months.
5) Puffer Coat

You can never go wrong with a puffer jacket - they’re waterproof, warm and most importantly
stylish! We love a pop of colour at Unscripted, so our puffer collection showcases a few of the
brighter shades, amongst your classic darks and neutrals. Don’t be afraid to grab an eye-catching
coat that’s a little different from the rest.
6) Duvet Coat

The ultimate piece to keep you warm from head to toe – the duvet coat is a must! Why not go for a
duvet coat with a belt detailing, to sinch in the waistline in order to add another element of texture
as well as practicality. Top tip: pair one with a pair of our ugg-style boots for a classic cosy number.

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