Colour trends of 2023 for autumn winter

Colour trends of 2023 for autumn winter

We’ve talked through quite a lot of different seasonal essentials and trends over the past few blog posts, but now let’s discuss colour palettes! Autumn/Winter this year is full of stability, escapism and restoration thanks to the 5 staple shades – let us break them all down for you: 

  • Sustained Grey



The sustained grey is a balancing neutral shade, working well with any season and skin tone due to its ‘just enough’ nature, but especially for A/W - since is envisions practicality, reliability and a long-term appeal. Key pieces to grab in this shade are your basic bodysuits, knits and leggings, as they pair perfectly with the colours foundational and grounding form. The sustained grey also has a hint of a utilitarian edge, so don’t be afraid to delve outside the basics and head into the tougher prints and fabrics, such as a cargo skirt or overshirt with pocket detailing.


  • Midnight Plum:


The perfect shade for empowerment and mystery! Midnight plum is definitely one for an eveningwear piece, with its resemblance to darkness and also escapism. Grab a statement piece in this shade, perfect for the festive months upcoming.


-Cool Matcha



We’ve seen quite a lot of military green pop up over the past couple seasons, but now it’s time to introduce more of a soothing and calm tone of green, the ‘cool matcha’. Resembling a therapeutic nature vibe, this shade of green adds a simple pop of colour, but is muted for the colder months and not too overpowering.


  • Intense Rust 


Returning once again from last season, the intense rust is one not to be missed from your A/W wardrobe! This is such a classic shade with an earthy edge; easy to layer, dress up, dress down and pairs perfectly with creamy beige tones, as well as a classic monochrome. We’ve seen this in so many different formats this season – outerwear, athleisure, footwear, and it’s not going anywhere. It’s a transitional shade, combining both warm and cosy with quiet luxury.


  • Apricot Crush


A versatile, transeasonal shade, apricot crush provides colour longevity and another wardrobe staple. Originating from the hope and positivity through uncertainty within the world, it provides a pop of colour but also a soft nature. With this colour, our tip is to mix it with your darker shades of browns, as we enter autumn, so that the transition isn’t as harsh.

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